Founded by Rona Bierrum FGA DGA EG in 2016, ShinyPrettyThings offers a range of vintage and antique jewellery, with a focus on quality of design and manufacture. 

Rona is a gemmology expert and diamond grader with over a decade's experience of handling fine antique and vintage jewellery.

Rona left a PhD in Fine Art to join the jewellery world in 2007. After working for a Bond Street jeweller for 4 years, she set up her own jewellery business and started studying gemmology. Rona graduated with honours in 2012, earning the prestigious Deeks Diamond Prize and Bruton Medal and was offered a position teaching the courses in 2013.

Subsequently, Rona has taught gemmology and diamond grading to hundreds of students in her role as Visiting Senior Tutor at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A). She has also written and edited their online lessons for distance learning. She is currently studying for her GIA qualifications in Diamonds and is a member of a number of gemmology associations worldwide.

Rona's fascination with Fine Art has translated to a greater visual understanding of the forms in fine jewellery, and her studies in Art History (BA Hons) have helped her to build a solid understanding of the history of jewels. 

If you would like to come and see some ShinyPrettyThings in person, Rona will be at the Central or Silver Fox Galleries at Portobello market on Saturday mornings or by appointment - just get in touch to arrange a meeting.