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An Ethical Approach

An Ethical Approach

Taking a look at the ethics behind the industry with our guide to the human and global impact of our beloved ShinyPrettyThings

Detail from the lid of a Japanese Meiji Period carved ivory box c.1900

Ivory - the Elephant in the Room

Last week ShinyPrettyThings met with Caroline Cox, a socio-legal academic at the School of Law at Portsmouth University who is running a year-long study into the potential effects of a total ban on the sale of ivory works of art in the UK.

What began as a personal project in response to the Conservative Party’s 2015 manifesto pledge has rapidly built up speed and Caroline’s view on it now is that it may well be her life’s purpose to research and investigate the problematic area that the ivory trade represents.  

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Timber roof supports in the Leadfield mine in California.

Entering The Ethical Maze

Last week a student asked me for some guidance on a potential project on Tanzanite.  She sent over a mind map detailing the areas she might cover in this project which included the history, the mining, the marketing, the colouration, the properties, the ethics and the locality of the material… as a start!  Given that one might cover all these aspects in the form of a book, I wrote back suggesting that she narrow her focus to a couple of these aspects and look into them a little more closely before making a final decision. 

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