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How not to lose your rings

How not to lose your rings

The place you're most likely to abandon your rings...ShinyPrettyThings

We've all heard the stories of the lost ring.  Here's how to avoid being the one telling it.

It's a pretty simple tip all told.


When you go to the loo and go to wash your hands afterwards, take your precious pieces off and hold them between your lips.  You won't forget they're there, and you won't risk damaging the jewel with the chemicals or the water with which you keep your hygiene standards as high as they should be!

This works just as well for the application of hand creams which will dull the appearance of your sparkles and may in fact damage some more porous stones such as turquoise, but which we all know are so necessary for the maintenance and upkeep of our lovely soft skin.​


Once your hands are clean, dry and moisturised, pop your ring back onto your finger and you're good to go!

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